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Womens Competition Wushu Broadsword, HC Spring Steel

Professional Chinese Kung Fu Sword IWF

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Womens Competition Wushu Broadsword, HCThe nine different sizes of this Competition Wushu Broadsword from Dragon Well Forge in Lungchuan, China, provide any student of smaller physical stature with a properly fitted and IWF-approved weapon. Constructed with women in mind, this series of swords differs from the men's version only in overall length and weight.

Anyone competing in international wushu broadsword -- or training for it -- will need one of these authentic swords because this is the only model now accepted by the International Wushu Federation. Dragon Well provides a certificate of authenticity for each sword. Manufactured from high carbon spring steel at one of the most respected forges in China, these weapons are built for flexibility as well as strength. Hollow ground blades allow the spine of the entire sword to flex. Broadswords for wushu should bend to a 45-degree angle and then return to their proper shape. Lighter than the combat versions, wushu swords are designed for speed and acrobatics but still must be strong enough to survive a solid strike.

The sword's blade guard is the traditional cupped design made from cast brass. The lip of the cupped hilt faces the blade and was intended to catch and deflect the enemy's blood as well as the opponent's weapon. The polished hardwood grip and solid brass pommel help balance the heavy blade.

Women's sizes run from 32 inches overall and a blade length of 26-1/2 inches to a maximum length of 40-1/4 inches and blade of 33-3/4 inches. The weight of the smallest size is 1.006 pounds, and the largest weighs 1.513 pounds. The actual difference between the women's swords and men's swords is small, but the many sizes allow a precise fit of sword to owner.

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