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W.R. Case Classic Knives

Collectible Pocket Knives

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W.R. Case Classic Pocket KnivesNearly twenty years ago, the head of W.R. Case Cutlery, Jim Parker, came up with the idea to make very high-quality reproductions of knives that had long been out of production. Some of these knives were originally produced by Case, but others were not. All of the new, reproductions, however, would bear the Case name. Hence was born 'Case Classic Knives'.

Beginning in 1990 and continuing until 1995, Case produced a small number of these knives, representing thirty-seven classic models.

Today these knives have quite a following. There is a popular 'Case Classics Club', made up of devoted collectors and enthusiasts. And some of the knives' value often exceeds several hundred dollars on the resale market.

Their quality is undisputed, and most have unique, attractive handles as well. This, coupled with their low production runs, make them ideal collectors items for knife enthusiasts worldwide.

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