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Wusthof Gourmet Asian Knife Set

Granton Edge Full Tang Molybdenum 2 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Gourmet Asian Knife Set Though this isn't the forged pattern many expect from the established German knife makers like Wusthof, there's quality here of a different kind. Streamlined methods and improved steel alloys create knives which are lighter and thinner than the old builds. One piece of chrome molybdenum vanadium steel makes both blade and full tang. Laser cutting and laser controlled shaping create standardized blades and perfectly ground edges. The flat ground taper is the smooth cutting shape you expect to see in fine cutlery. Touch the knives up with a honing steel and go to work straight out of the box.

Synthetic molded handles have the same shape as Wusthof's classic knives but fully enclose the handle tang. Securely held by wide stainless steel rivets, the construction is gap free and sanitary. Dishwasher safe, the knives retain sharpness and finish better if washed by hand.

The 7-1/2-inch santoku's hollow ground granton blade slides easily through vegetables and other light slicing chores. Thinner blade stock causes less resistance in the cut, and the multiple hollows shed sliced food easily from the sides of the blade. If you're accustomed to a European cook's knife for that kind of prep, you'll be surprised and pleased at the degree of difference. You'll still need heavier knives for chopping, but there's no question that a light Santoku outperforms a heavy chef's knife for slicing. Since slicing is often what you do most when you cook from scratch, this is a very handy blade.

For light paring and peeling, the three-inch paring knife excels, but the light blade won't be as good for prying apart joints of meat or breaking up frozen food. Reserve levering and piercing tasks for the old prybar knife styles.

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