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Wusthof Grand Prix 2 Knife Block Set

8 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Grand Prix 2 8 Piece HardwoodThis Wusthof Grand Prix II 8-piece Block Set is a practical assortment of knives that will cover most ordinary kitchen chores -- it's a good choice for starting out, and the block has room for expansion with three extra kitchen knife slots and six steak knife slots.

The Grand Prix II line is a little lighter in build than some Wusthof products, with rat tail tang construction and textured polymer handles. The ergonomic grips are securely joined to the tang with a single large stainless steel rivet embossed with the trident logo. Blades and bolsters are forged in the European style.

The taper grind of Wusthof patterns blends the sharpening bevel with the stock of the blade, increasing slicing efficiency without taking away strength. These knives are strongly built and able to withstand the twisting and levering stresses that many specialty knives in other patterns can't.

The Wusthof stainless steel will hold a good edge, and is easily sharpened -- a honing steel is part of this set, and a few strokes of it before a knife is used is generally all the edge maintenance that's needed. The larger knife in this set --the 8" cook's knife-- is heavy enough to do light chopping. Both the grind and temper make all the blades resistant to chipping.

The 8" bread knife, intended for cutting through hard-crusted breads, will need to be returned to the factory for sharpening, but if used as intended will not need that service for a long time. The two smaller knives both fall into the paring knife range, and the 6" utility blade is a handy tool for boning fish and poultry as well as small slicing chores and sandwich prep.

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