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Wusthof Mega Knife Storage Block

Swivel Beech Wood 25 Slot

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Mega Knife Storage Block The Wusthof Mega Swivel knife storage block offers complete access to 25 knife slots and includes space for eight standard steak knives. Mount the block where you can take full advantage of the 360 degree swivel bearing, not against the wall.

This type of storage block is perfect for work islands where chefs need access from all sides. The oiled beechwood lends traditional charm to the kitchen but is totally functional, protecting the knives from moisture and keeping edges safe. Very little maintenance is necessary for the block -- just rub the surface occasionally with mineral oil to prevent moisture from distorting the wood. Place the block away from sources of heat and steam, but don't worry about minor spills nearby. The 13-pound block sits above surface dampness on rubber feet, which also keep it securely in place, and isn't too heavy to move aside easily for cleaning.

Large slots will hold four large chef's knives as well as a carving fork, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, and an assortment of other prep and carving knives. Built to handle Wusthof's strong forged cutlery, the slots are wide enough to accommodate most modern brands. The largest of the storage slots might even hold your butcher's cleaver. The horizontal layout protects edges of blades from wear and tear, putting the abrasion on the flat of the blade as the knives are pulled out or replaced.

Pay attention to clearance if you put this block close to cabinets or walls. Swiveling this much weight against a painted surface could do some instant damage. Make sure there's enough room to rotate the block without bumping into fixtures.

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