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Wusthof Parmesan Hard Cheese Knife, Full Tang

Classic Forged High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Parmesan Hard Cheese Knife,Cutting through a block of hard Parmesan cheese might be one of the more dangerous jobs in the kitchen, if you have the wrong knife. This one is right -- the Wusthof Classic 2-3/4-inch Parmesan Cheese knife, designed for dividing hard cheeses into smaller pieces safely.

This unique blade was built for piercing under heavy pressure, not for cutting. Press the point of the blade into the block to fracture the cheese into large pieces. Your fingers will be protected from slipping over the cutting edge because the design of the blade forms a natural bolster. Press the edge down over smaller pieces to divide Parmesan into blocks sized for the grater.

Wusthof's Classic Parmesan knife may look small, but it's impressively heavy and clearly built to take years of hard use. The beveled edge is as much wedge as cutting edge and sharpens more easily on a stone than with a sharpening steel. The knife works well even if not razor sharp. Keeping the edge sharp sets the blade more accurately against the work and gives more control.

Forged blade and bolster give the knife a classic look as well as practical strength. Keep it handy during dinner service for work at the table. It's sure to be noticed and appreciated.

Wusthof's stain-free high carbon stainless steel should be washed by hand after use and not put through the dishwasher. Acid foods or food dried on the blade could stain the steel. The polymer handle slabs permanently fastened to the full tang with stainless steel rivets won't be affected.

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