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Wusthof Super Chef Knife Set w/ Attache Travel Case

Professional Gourmet & Classic 19 Piece Cutlery Tools

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Super Chef Knife Set w/ AttacheEverything the traveling chef requires fits into this attache-style knife case from Wusthof of Solingen, Germany. The set includes kitchen prep knives plus specialty tools needed for unique gourmet fare. Wusthof includes knives from both the Classic and Gourmet lines.

Wusthof's Classic series features one-piece forged blades, bolsters and tangs with riveted black polymer handle slabs permanently secured to the full-length tangs. The Super Chef set includes three knives from the Classic series: an 8-inch chef's knife, 9-inch carving knife, and 6-inch fish fillet knife. Each Classic knife comes in the old European pattern with full-width forged steel bolsters reaching to the heel of the blade.

All other knives and implements in the set come from the Gourmet line. Laser-cut from solid steel blanks, these knives use similar handle construction but lack the forged bolsters of the Classic pattern. Where needed, bolsters formed from the handle polymers support the blade and add safety to the grip. All Wusthof knives use the same high carbon stainless steel alloy, designed for toughness and ease of sharpening as well as for stain resistance.

Along with a full set of prep knives, you'll get a carving fork, melon baller, citrus zester, and channel knife (for opening oranges neatly and for carving designs in the rinds of fruits and veggies). Chef's needles include a truss type for closing stuffed cavities in poultry and two types of larding needles for inserting thin strips of fat into tasty but dry meats.

The sturdy case uses plastic side panels set in a metal framework with interior storage panels of tough foam that fit each Wusthof knife or tool to a customized pocket.

See the Mundial Chef's Set for a practical set of basic knives in a convenient soft-sided carrying case.

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