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Xikar Titanium Cigar Cutter

Dual Blade Precision Connoisseur Knife

Posted by Ken

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Xikar Titanium Cigar Cutter When a gift-giving event approaches I remember other times when shopping was easy. If you smoked or you needed gifts for someone who did, there was always something from that side of life that would be appreciated. This Xikar dual blade stainless steel tobacconist's tool would be a great gift if someone on your current list is so young or so stubborn that they still indulge.

I can't remember anyone I ever knew who had a cigar cutter. In a segment of society where everyone had at the least a pocket knife, it was a little redundant. Xikar, building a business that's based on fine cutlery designed to go beyond the basics of form and function, probably wouldn't approve the pocket knife solution. They make something much better for this specialized task.

Small enough to fit any pocket, a push of the central button on this 3" safety tool releases the twin blades to the open position. Closing the knives with a quick snap around the tip of the cigar prepares a surface with no ragged edges for an even burn every time. This tool has been designed to be satisfying to the eye as well as the hand. Using it should be a pleasure.

There are still times I miss smoking. Giving up tobacco wasn't so hard--setting aside all the pleasantries associated with it was tough. That would include the fascinating tools of the trade, like the Xikar Titanium.

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