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Yin Yang Sword, Carbon Steel Longsword

Tai Chi Martial Arts Practice Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Yin Yang Sword, Carbon Steel Longsword Even though handle and scabbard use polymer rather than hardwood, the Yin Yang Tai Chi sword still has a classic look and good balance, carrying the weight slightly forward of the handle.

The 40-3/4-inch sword with 20-1/2-inch blade of tempered high carbon stainless steel was made for the practice of the Tai Chi Sword movements, not for actual fighting. Pommel and blade guard are of cast metal and show designs appropriate to the principles of this martial art. The construction is solid but not rugged enough for striking. As students of Tai Chi move upwards in skill levels, heavier versions of the sword become more important. In true combat steel, the Tai Chi longsword can be difficult to handle, so this lighter version makes training more possible for students unaccustomed to heavy blades.

Tai Chi weapons practice focuses on internal energy and advanced technique instead of brute strength, so a lighter weapon holds true to the spirit of the form. This carbon steel longsword actually may be heavier than the blades of some of the old combat masters, who preferred light weapons and powerful energy over brute force and heavy steel. Some flexing of the blade is considered normal in that old style of weapon. The action of this blade resembles a wushu weapon, built for quick movement.

Sharpening the blade isn't necessary, since few will be using this sword for striking practice, but rubbing the blade with oil occasionally helps maintain the high polish and keep the blade free in the scabbard. The steel used in this sword is stain-free rather than stainless. The stronger alloy makes it suitable for swordplay but vulnerable to rust if poorly maintained.

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