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Yoshikin Global Whetstone

Fine Ceramic Powder Sharpening Stone

Posted by JT Hats

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Yoshikin Global Whetstone This fine 5000-grit synthetic waterstone from Yoshikin, maker of Global cutlery, is the recommended sharpening method for fine Global knives and an excellent way to finish the edge of any high-end Japanese plain edge blade. With a uniform density and a long-lasting wide surface, this hardened ceramic powder whetstone sits securely on a rubberized base so you can whet your best knives without chasing the stone around the counter.

Although it's essential for proper care of Japanese knives, which have thin bevels and hard edges that may be damaged by Western grinders and sharpening steels, this waterstone will also put a razor edge on softer Western steel. If you've not used a flat stone before, the technique is not hard to learn -- and you'll appreciate the obvious performance boost it gives even ordinary blades.

The fine stone is not for reworking major damage or changing bevel angles -- you'd need a coarser grit for major changes. This is a polishing stone for edges already in good condition that need a boost towards that final perfect cut. Before using the stone, be sure to put a little water on the surface to float away particles of steel that might clog the abrasive. There's no need for soaking; just enough water to dampen the surface is enough for fast and clean work.

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