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Bleach Anime Kenpachi Zaraki Sword Replica

Japanese Manga Fantasy Katana w/ White Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Bleach Anime Kenpachi Zaraki SwordAnother of the unique swords in the Japanese manga series Bleach, this interesting blade is the personal weapon of Kenpachi Zaraki, a powerful supernatural warrior and captain of the 11th Division of the Soul Reapers. Set far in Japan's future and well into a fantastic afterlife, Bleach follows a war between Soul Reapers (or escorts of the dead) and the Hollows (evil beings seeking to cheat death by not going into the light).

The construction of this fantasy katana matches important details of Kenpachi Zaraki's sword, including a unique cast metal tsuba and plain wrapping of grip and scabbard with white cotton cloth tape. The true power behind this 43-inch katana with a 28-inch blade of high carbon stainless steel was said to be the warrior, not the sword. Because of his great spiritual powers, Kenpachi Zaraki refused even to learn kendo until joining the Soul Reapers, and actually needed artificial handicaps to give his opponents a fair chance.

In the Bleach saga, one of these handicaps was that his magical weapon or zanpakuto lacked a name, and as a result could not transform into its supernatural counterpart or activate any of its hidden magical powers. Combined with an eyepatch that absorbed much of Kenpachi Zaraki's inner strengths, this reduced him to a mere competitive level and allowed him to enjoy battles without those bothersome, premature victories.

Distinctive even among the fantastic weapons of Bleach, the Kenpachi Zaraki Sword should be a welcome addition to the weapons collection of any Bleach fan.

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