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Bleach Jushiro Ukitake Sougyo No Kotowari

Anime Fantasy Replica Sword, Twin Blades

Posted by JT Hats

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Bleach Jushiro Ukitake Sougyo NoIf you're a fan of the Japanese anime series Bleach, you'll enjoy this recreation of the personal zanpakuto (or magical weapon) of Captain Jushiro Ukitake of the Gotei Imperial Guards, 13th Division. Wielded by one of the most honorable members of the Soul Reapers, the double sword called Sougyo No Kotowari transforms into two magical spears in response to Ukitake's special shikai (or battle shout).

Though the reproduction weapons don't include the twin swords' magical abilities such as command of water and electricity and the handy ability to absorb and reflect an opponent's magical energy attack, this two-sword set does closely match the ordinary form of the "Law of the Twin Fish" weapon. Each high carbon steel blade is blackened along one half of its length and polished on the other, with a smaller secondary blade doubling back towards the handle. Tsuba or blade guards of cast metal embellish each sword with a dragon motif, and the grips are wrapped with red cord in a traditional katana pattern.

The overall length of each sword is 38 inches with a 20-inch main blade and 10-1/2-inch side blade. The first six inches of the blades are covered with a metal sheath, giving the swords the look of unique parrying weapons as well as dangerous exotic katana. A stainless steel chain with metal plaque pendants joins the pommels of the two swords.

Built for anime weapons collectors and fans of Bleach manga, movies, and television, the sword set should please any potential Soul Reaper.

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