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Bluegrass Cutlery Winchester 270 Knife

Folding Guard Lockback Collectible w/ Stag Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Bluegrass Cutlery Winchester 270 Knife Part of Bluegrass Cutlery's revival of old Winchester knife designs, the 270 Folding Guard Lockback definitely has nostalgia value and collectability as well. Folding bladeguards aren't common and, in a practical sense, don't quite match up to either the convenience of a plain folding knife or the rugged functionality of a fixed blade sheath knife. This represents a patented concept that just didn't go well. Since it's not bound to overtake the modern market either, this turn of the century rebuild is a rare opportunity for collectors.

A hefty 4-5/16" handle with brass riveted stag horn slabs and nickel silver bolsters overmatches the high carbon stainless steel clip point blade. The blade guard, pinned to the base of the single blade, rotates and folds away along with the cutting edge. This extra feature requires a little more space in the handle than ordinary folding designs. The lockback feature is sturdy enough, but users should depend on the grip of the naturally textured handle for safety, not on the blade guard. With this heavy a build, the Folding Guard Lockback is a little too much for handy pocket carry, and like all the old designs also lacks a pocket clip.

The look is reminiscent of the frontier days when every inventive blacksmith had a better idea and hoped to strike it rich on the open market instead of the gold fields. A larger version of this same unique knife forms part of Bluegrass Cutlery's Turn of the Century collection of twelve classic Winchester knives.

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