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Boker Derlin Black Congress Pocket Knife

Stockman’s Stainless Steel Blade

Posted by Ken

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Boker Derlin Black Congress PocketEverybody's pocket knife used to look like this, back when small differences in style and quality were the most dramatic choices we had. There was a time, oddly enough, when a pocket knife didn't need a built-in flashlight, fire starter, or anti-reflection coatings to be handy. Although the extra perks can be nice, this classic Boker pocket knife with its assortment of useful blades is still the style that you see most often on the farm or ranch.

With a closed length of 3 3/4" this knife will handle common chores without being too bulky for pocket carry. The four blades--spear point, coping, sheep's foot, and pen knife--will match up to a variety of tasks. Commonly we would classify the blades in different terms--one for rough and dirty jobs, another kept sharp for critical tasks, the smallest honed to a good point for digging out splinters and doing other minor surgeries, and the remaining stout but short blade we usually broke off some time during the knife's lifetime, turning it into a handy screwdriver.

The synthetic but good looking Derlin handle slabs and nickel silver bolsters hold up well under a wide range of working conditions. Boker Knives, of Solingen, Germany, still makes a variety of these classic stockman's knives with natural handle materials. Durable synthetics like Derlin bring the price down without dropping the quality.

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