Braided Leather Tanto Knife | Samurai Stainless Steel with Scabbard

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Braided Leather Tanto Knife Traditionally, a Samurai sword set comes with three different combat lengths: the ever-popular katana, the longer wakizashi, and the shorter tanto blade. If you want a tanto-length sword without the rest of the set, however, a sword like this one would definitely be one to consider.

The blade is made from 420 J2 stainless steel, more commonly known as surgical quality steel. It’s extremely durable, and won’t corrode or rust when exposed to numerous liquids. And it typically measures 54-59 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

This tanto blade measures 11.5 inches, giving the sword itself an overall length of 18 inches. It isn’t hand-forged or battle-ready, but some temper lines have been machine-finished for added display quality.

Another positive element of this sword’s craftsmanship is that the blade extends into the handle in half-tang construction, which adds greatly to the overall durability of the sword.

Its handle is wrapped with genuine braided leather and surrounded by brass-plated fittings, pommel, and guard, all forged from cast metal. The included aluminum scabbard features identical braided leather and a brass-plated tip as well as a leather hanging strap for carrying purposes.

But be forewarned: this tanto-length knife from United Cutlery is fairly hard to find. So if you like what you see, it’s best to get it now while you still can.

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