Frost Cutlery KnivesFrost Cutlery calls itself the world’s fastest growing cutlery company, building its business by marketing well-known and unknown brands of knives, axes and collector’s items. Although you’ll find some imported products at Frost, you’ll also see Frost’s own product line — in fact, several of them. Four brand-new manufacturing ventures put Frost’s own knives alongside older brands Frost now owns, and with well-respected European and American brands which Frost distributes.

Company History

Frost Cutlery actually started in a lunch bucket. Jim Frost started collecting pocket knives in 1969, and when he worked at his first career as a chemical plant shift employee, he always had a few pocket knives to sell and trade. When his business outgrew the lunch bucket, Jim advanced to the car trunk, then the garage, and a series of four different warehouses. The Frost plant completed in 2004 occupies 150,000 square feet and employs more than a hundred people. Frost’s son Steven and daughter Stephenie also play major roles in the company business. Frost’s philosophy sounds simple enough — providing knives the public wants — but leads to interesting endeavors such as the Dale Earnhardt Commemorative Series.

Knives and Brands

Frost’s own brands include completely new product lines and trademarked names, as well as a brand that’s been around for more than 160 years. Frost acquired Hen & Rooster Cutlery and continues to support their hand workmanship and traditional designs. Frost also helps to develop new Hen & Rooster patterns including hunting and pocket knives with Corelon handles — a Frost innovation in 1996. The “Frost Family” and “Uncle Lucky” brands are the company’s own concepts, while “Buffalo Creek” continues the older BuckCreek style. Frost’s “Steel Warrior” line offers many choices of pocket folders with unusual and colorful handle styles, along with high quality fixed blade hunting and fishing knives. Many of Frost’s products now carry the “Bill Dance Outdoors” seal of approval.

Where to Buy

Frost Cutlery

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