Meyerco KnifeMeyerco specializes in tactical knives — both fixed blades and automatics. The company president and founder happens to be an avid sportsman, however, and Meyerco also provides some tools and knives for the outdoorsman. Meyerco won awards for innovative design with their first knife and continues to support knife makers who present new and better ideas.

Company History

Bill Meyer founded Meyerco in January of 1997 in order to pursue business potential and exercise his own interest in sporting knives. Meyer partnered with knife designer Walter “Blackie” Collins, the founder and former owner of “American Blade” magazine. Collins designed his first knife while in grade school and had worked for 20 different knife manufacturers over the years, according to an interview posted on A prolific inventor holding more than 60 knife patents, Collins designed the “Strut’N’Cut,” the first true assisted-opening knife, and the first knife ever produced by Meyerco. The “Strut’N’Cut” won Blade’s “Most Innovative American Knife” award during Meyerco’s first year in business. Meyerco describes its business mission as continual improvement, providing the best quality knife at a price suited to the average user.


Meyerco manufactures many tactical automatic knives designed only for law enforcement or military use — such as the Blackie Collins “Thin Blue Line” automatic knife with ATS-34 steel blade and anodized machined aluminum handle. Military fixed blades and neck knives also make up a large part of Meyerco’s trade. Neck knives like the Meyerco Besh Wedge and the Necklance River Rescue Knife could be practical civilian tools if worn in plain sight. Sporting knives in the Meyerco lineup include machetes, skinning and caping knives and knife sets, and fine fixed blades like the Greg Lightfoot Pig Sticker.

Where to Buy


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