Promate KnifePromate, “The Ultimate Diving Gear Company,” sells a full line of scuba and snorkeling equipment including its own brand of divers’ knives. Divers may choose between several practical knife builds specially designed by Promate for underwater work. One of Promate’s best knives recently received a publicity boost when chosen by survival expert Bear Gryllis for use during the filming of his popular TV survival series.

Company History

Promate System Corp incorporated rather recently, beginning operations in 2000 in El Monte, California. Promate employees design, manufacture and distribute diving gear and diving accessories, with divers’ knives as a small part of their total production effort. Promate’s policy is to create and market affordable but reliable divers’ tools, making the diving experience accessible to anyone, and providing high quality gear to ensure a safe diving adventure.


Promate offers divers’ knives for sporting applications and for heavy underwater work. The Promate Alligator knives feature sharp tips designed for penetration and self defense, but include practical features like hammer plates at the base of the grip. The divers’ knives come with secure sheaths that hold the knives safely in all positions. Divers choose between lightweight and low maintenance titanium knives or more economical but less corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Promate also offers combinations of the two materials, so it’s possible to buy a knife with a titanium blade and a heavy stainless steel hammer pommel, or a light all-titanium build. Promate also designs knives with blunt tips and with line-cutter hooks in the spine of the blade. Smaller Promate knives would make good choices for kayakers and canoeists looking for compact emergency knives that tolerate wet conditions.

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