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Although TOPS Knives has been in business only eight years, the company claims at least 100 years of unique experience. TOPS design concepts evolved from the difficult life experiences of 12 professionals ranging from martial artists to outdoorsmen, soldiers, and policemen. According to TOPS, many of their products are currently undergoing field testing by owners deployed in hot spots around the world.

TOPS Products

A company founded by an elite group of SWAT team leaders, combat vets, SEALS, Special Forces experts, and even a few people with interesting gaps in their official histories might be expected to focus entirely on weapons. TOPS stresses that the company’s knives are first of all tools, and they do indeed provide an extensive line of tools designed with the hunter and outdoorsman in mind. TOPS does manufacture professional knives including tactical folders, neck knives, and tactical axes, but many of these very functional tools serve equally well for civilian tasks.

Buy a TOPS product and you can expect a rugged tool that’s well designed. TOPS knives don’t present much decoration unless you do like form, function and engineering. Some TOPS knives incorporate functional blade designs from Native American cultures, while others resemble modern updates of frontier blades and trade axes. TOPS conventional handle styles depend on grips of durable modern synthetics, but TOPS also makes many slim-line knives with skeletonized metal grips or simple wrappings of nylon cord.

The smallest TOPS knives feature box-cutter blades only an inch long. At the other end of the TOPS spectrum, you’ll see bushcraft knives in machete and bolo styles and foot-long blades built for heavy chopping and slashing. TOPS puts plain edges where they’ll do the most good, but you can also get full-sized TOPS knives with sawtoothed spines or serrated blades. What you won’t find at TOPS is a souvenir knife that just looks pretty. These tools are all business.

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