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Braveheart Scottish Claymore Replica Sword

Medieval Renaissance Fantasy Blade

Posted by Ken

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Braveheart Scottish Claymore ReplicaAlthough a display sword, this Scottish Claymore is a reproduction with much attention to detail. The quatrefoil (four-leaved) decorations of the hilt and the langets (intended to keep the heavy sword secured in its sheath) alongside the base of the blade are true to form. The hardwood handle, brass plated pommel and trim contribute to an overall look that is real enough to be impressive. The 31" stainless steel blade won't match the durability of a real carbon steel tempered blade, but it does a better job of holding a polish.

In size it does come up a bit short--actually about ten inches short, overall. A real Claymore, with a blade as long as the full length of this 42" sword, would be too much for modern people to handle, even though it was a lighter weapon than many of its day. It's some comfort for us moderns to know that even then, this was a two handed weapon. The leather over-the-shoulder sheath is a nice accessory for Renaissance enthusiasts, giving the complete set a satisfying Braveheart kind of look.

No shield was necessary with this weapon, engineered to mow down your opponents before they got that close. Perhaps that made it popular with my Scottish ancestors, always willing to save a penny on gear.

I know it's only a reproduction sword, but I liked it when I saw it, and for a reproduction that's the whole point.

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