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Buck 750 Redpoint Folding Knife

Safe Spin Locking Serrated Blade w/ Yellow Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Buck 750 Redpoint Folding Knife Folding knives with one-handed opening studs are sometimes a little too tricky to open in a hurry. If you've ever thought the side of your thumb was just too close to that cutting edge, you may like the Buck 750 Redpoint with Safe Spin Locking. Built for safe one-handed opening and closing, the Buck 750 throws in a couple more good features besides.

The rubberized drive wheel allows owners to open and close the knife with one hand without ever touching the blade itself. A pressure lock holds the blade in position when fully open -- depress it again to release the blade for closure. In closed position with the combo-serrated 2-3/4-inch drop point blade safely tucked away in the rubberized thermoplastic handle, the blade locks shut. No more worries about what might happen if the blade gets bumped open in your pocket -- unless you release the drive wheel's catch, it stays closed. One mechanism serves both purposes, and the operating system is easily learned.

The Buck 750's edge is only partly serrated, leaving a generous portion of plain edge for the fine work. The knife's steel liner extends beyond the butt of the knife in a strong steel loop good for stringing a lanyard, clipping on a carabiner, or with the steel tooth you might not have noticed, lifting the cap from an old-fashioned drink bottle.

If you don't care to keep the Buck 750 in your pocket, hang it from your belt with the heavy duty stainless steel belt clip. The Buck was made for the outdoorsman, with a rubberized finish that won't slip from your hand and a bright color that shows up in water or weeds, just in case.

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