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Buck Folding Pocket Knife w/ Lockback

Rosewood Handle Hunter 55 110

Posted by JT Hats

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Buck Folding Pocket Knife w/ Lockback A 3-3/8-inch knife with a 2-3/8-inch blade probably shouldn't be referred to as a folding hunter, but the Buck 55 comes very close to living up to that standard anyway. The Buck 55 is actually the pocket knife version of the Buck 110, which is the largest folding hunter I'd feel comfortable carrying without a sheath. If you want a really good-looking knife with a classic look, and you only want a knife for
everyday use, the Buck 55 could be just what you need.

One of the reasons I like Buck knives is that most of them are still simple and strong. Instead of two or three blades that skimp on steel, this pocket knife has one that's tough enough for everything, made in the same style as the folding hunter but half the size. The blade is the same high carbon stainless 420C steel, and the brass bolsters and rosewood handle slabs match the 110 for quality with an added artistic flair. The inside bolster edges of the 55 are curved where the 110's parts angle straight across. Actually, the 55 looks a little better for that -- it's more than just a copy of something bigger.

Buck didn't leave out one of the best features of the folding hunter style -- a strong lockback which releases with firm thumb pressure on the nail notch in the back of the handle. Even in the small 55, the locking mechanism is solid and a welcome addition to this size range. Most small traditional pocket knives don't lock back. Probably all of them should.

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