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Cas Iberia Black Shadow Medieval Sword

High Carbon Steel Tempered Display Blade

Posted by Ken

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Cas Iberia Black Shadow Medieval SwordThis beautiful dark spirited sword from Cas Iberia, now produced by Hanwei Forge, brings quality close to that of battle ready weapons to a display blade. The hand-and-a-half design of this close quarters weapon is true to form, patterned after swords in use in fifteenth century Europe. With enough handle length to allow a two handed swing, the Shadow is still light enough to wield with one hand, making this style of weapon very popular on the old battlefields.

Designed for display purposes, not combat, this replica sword is still solidly built, with a 30 1/8" high carbon spring steel blade and nearly ten more inches of black leather wrapped handle and chrome plated metal pommel. The plated guard is less polished, with a strong and functional appearance. A black leather scabbard is included.

The blood groove of the professionally ground blade contributes to the authentic appearance of this period weapon. Unlike many reproductions, which are so obviously of poor quality that even as costume pieces they stand out for unacceptable reasons, this display sword will pass for the real thing.

Hanwei shapes and polishes these blades at the factory but should you want a razor edge you'll have to do it yourself. As a costume sword, this blade is much less dangerous if you don't.

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