Case Avenger Battle Axe from Valiant Armoury | Medieval Battleaxe

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Case Avenger Battle Axe from ValiantValiant Armoury is known for producing real swords that are faithful to traditional designs while incorporating the newest and best materials.

All of their medieval swords and axes are based on historically correct designs, and the Avenger Battle Axe is no different.

It sports a hand hammered forged carbon steel 9-1/2 inch primary blade that is backed by a 4 inch armor piercing hook. Both ends of the wood handle are capped with solid steel thrusting spikes.

Warning: this Axe is fully functional! All of the blades are fully sharpened and are capable of doing exactly what they did in medieval times.

Carry your Avenger Battle Axe with pride, but also with care!

Find this Valiant Armoury Axe:

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