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Kanetsune Knives

Kanetsune KnifeA knife-making tradition 800 years old creates today’s Kanetsune knives, using secrets once applied to the best swords of the Japanese samurai. Kanetsune makes knives for the hunter, the collector and the chef, using three different grades of carbon steel as well as modern Damascus-type stainless steel.

Company History

Katashi Company Limited, the manufacturer of Kanetsune knives, opened its facility in Seki City, Japan, in 1948. The Katashi factory produced swords, knives, kitchen knives, and scissors. Seki, the City of Blades, hosts the largest number of traditional sword craftsmen in Japan. Using methods centuries old and the most modern of today’s improved technologies, Katashi pursues the beauty of knives while creating useful high quality products for the modern consumer.


To understand the Kanetsune knife you’ll need to look first at the steel. Hitachi Metals Ltd. produces the high carbon steel used in Kanetsune’s traditional knives. Called Yasuke Hagane or Yasuke Specialty Cutlery Steel, this carbon steel comes in three different grades called White, Blue, and Super Blue. Chromium and tungsten added to the high carbon White grade creates Blue. Super Blue contains a higher percentage of carbon, and of course, other secrets. Many Japanese hunters prefer knives of Blue steel.

Kanetsune kitchen knives also come in three grades. These blades of layered Damascus steel hold a core layer of hard VG-10. The KC-100 knives come with grips of resin-impregnated layered wood, while the KC-200 series uses grips of anti-microbial polymer. KC-400 knives replace the core layer with high carbon White steel for an even sharper edge. Handles of the 400 series knives are polished red sandalwood. KC-400 knives feature a single bevel for the most accurate and thinnest cuts possible.

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Kanetsune Santoku Chef’s Knife

Forged VG-10 Damascus Blade

Kanetsune Santoku Chef’s Knife | Forged VG-10 Damascus Blade

If you hang around Williams-Sonoma, you're sure to know about the Shun Classic Santoku knife. If you hang around professional kitchens for a while, you'll get to know some lesser-known Japanese brands that are just as good.

Kanetsune makes their knives with similar materials as the Shun -- it's got a 33-layer Damascus-patterned blade ...

Kanetsune Gyuto

Professional Chef’s Knife from Seki, Japan | Damascus VG-10 Steel

Kanetsune Gyuto | Professional Chef’s Knife from Seki, Japan | Damascus VG-10 Steel

You've got to digest a few things when checking out this knife you may never have heard of.

First off, the style. It's a gyuto - basically the Japanese equivalent of a western chef's knife - an all-purpose knife sharp enough to cut through multiple meats, vegetables, and fish.

Next up, the brand. Kanetsune is not ...

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