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Cold Steel Assegai Zulu Hunting, Throwing Spear

Blackened Blade

Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Assegai Zulu Hunting,The 6' Assegai Spear from Cold Steel takes its basic design from the traditional weapons of South Africa's Zulu warriors. Cold Steel uses unique modern tempering processes to create a lightweight medium carbon steel spearhead with the ability to flex rather than break or bend. This blackened steel weapon will hold an edge as well, and is not a toy. The wooden shaft of American ash is stout enough to be used as a self defense or hiking staff.

Cold Steel promotes these spears as appropriate for throwing practice, and although they certainly can be used in that way, their practicality today is not as a thrown weapon. This is a high quality martial arts weapon that is also reasonably priced. Combat quality spears are not common items today, and those kung fu devotees who want to learn the old moves might take a good look at this practical but not pretty variety.

I personally find a spear like this one to be a good substitute for a hiking staff, in areas where encounters with mountain lions and black bears are becoming more common. Most wild and feral animals can be turned around with a good bluff; a spear point is a much more convincing argument than a rock or a loud noise. If you want this as a trail companion, make sure you get a sheath for the blade.

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