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Cold Steel Bushman Knife

High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Bushman KnifeThis is a unique knife from Cold Steel -- it's pretty inexpensive, is made from high-quality materials and has no seam.

It has no joint or seam because it's made from a single piece of SK-5 high-carbon steel. It is heat tempered and treated up to RC54.

The edge of the blade is ground and sharpened to a razor sharp edge and resharpening takes only a few swipes with a knife sharpener

It features a hollow handle that can store gear or supplies. And the handle has been designed to accept an extension that can turn it into a spear or ax. Plus the handle can take up to two tons of pressure upon itself.

The 7 inch blade is curved to handle such tasks as skinning, digging, or cutting brush. This is a really tough survival knife that just never gives up.

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