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Cold Steel Chinese War Sword

Replica of Ancient Weapon | Leather Scabbard

Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Chinese War Sword Coming from Cold Steel, "the world's strongest, sharpest knives," this sword's blade is fully finished, crafted to wield maximum power in your hands.

It's a two-handed sword with a wide 231/4-inch blade and an overall length of 373/4 inches. The curved clipped point with a top swage false edge was used to cut through multiple types of armor back in the days of ancient dynasty warfare.

As is traditional in Chinese craftsmanship, this sword is designed for optimal balance, with a 14-inch handle wrapped in cord to make it easier to grip, an intricate S-shaped guard, and a steel ring on the pommel that's weighty enough to maintain agility and wide enough to hold a tassel or sword knot for safety.

Comes with a beautiful two-toned leather scabbard.

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