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Cold Steel Double Agent Knife by Zach Whitson

Tactical Clip Point Karambit Blade w/ Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Double Agent Knife by ZachCold Steel's Double Agent knives, designed by Zach Whitson, are available in two blade styles. Either the karambit or the clip point version may be safely worn as a last resort neck knife.

Built light and intended for suspension from a dog tag chain, the Double Agent weighs only three ounces including the blade sheath. In that small form, there's a surprising amount of emergency utility. Neck knives are built small for easy concealment, and that's usually the reason they aren't much good -- small size makes them impractical unless there's nothing else available. Heavier than many, the Double Agent version is at the upper end of what can be comfortably worn from a neck chain and provides enough strong blade to actually use.

The unique handle allows insertion of forefinger and little finger into two built-in rings. Middle fingers go over the padded section of the handle. This does have some advantages over straight handle styles, since it's difficult to disarm someone who has their fingers wound through the rings and over the grip. Even if you fall unconscious, the knife should be in hand when you wake up.

Potential problems lie in the handle, not in the three-inch AUS 8A high carbon stainless steel blade. That secure grip requires two hands to mount, and removing it from your hand is equally slow. Owners with oversized fists may find the construction too cramped, and there's no way anyone will ever accuse this knife of being comfortable in use. In spite of that, it may be one of the better neck knives available. That applies as much to the sheath as the knife. A low profile retention button on the Kydex sheath snaps into the forefinger hole of the Double Agent, ensuring that this neck knife won't wind up floating loose in your shirt.

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