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Cold Steel Mini Push Knife

Mini Pal Review

Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Mini Push Knife This is a miniature version of the Cold Steel Urban Pal push knife, and by miniature, we mean tiny. The blade is only about an inch long, and the grip is a little over an inch as well.

The reason you'd even want to buy a push knife like this is if you're looking for something really small and lightweight. The Mini Pal weighs only half an ounce!

It comes with a genuine Secure-Ex lanyard sheath that clips onto your key ring, belt loop, or zipper pull just fine. The sheath features a quick-release button so you can retrieve the knife easily if needed. If you don't need it, the Mini Pal stays permanently locked inside the sheath. The tight-fit design is very secure.

The knife is made from a nondescript stainless steel. The blade is sharp out of the box, though, and equally capable of quick slicing and heavy thrusting, whatever you need it to do at the time.

It's primarily a utility or self-defense tool, but in other areas of usage it holds together beautifully, and doesn't break the bank either. Just another small price to pay for a small push knife, with a big payback in return.

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