Cold Steel Saber | Napoleon Replica Cavalry Sword

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Cold Steel Saber This saber is another fine historical replica sword from Cold Steel, this time with equal emphasis in original tradition and technological improvement.

It’s called the Napoleon since the model is designed around the French cavalry swords of the early 1800s. But Cold Steel took a “creative liberty” approach and added length, width, and thickness to the sword, as well as a sharper and fuller point.

The Napoleon is a good medium-weight saber, with a battle-ready, fully-forged blade made from 1050 carbon steel. Its curvatures make it an excellent tool for repetitive cutting, slashing, and thrusting.

The handle is wrapped in fine black leather, and is covered with a strong brass three-bar hilt (not as fancy as a rapier, but still elegant enough to add a touch of class). This sword also comes with a scabbard made of heavy duty polished steel, ornamented with two rings that let the sword attach to a baldric, or shoulder sling, if needed.

One thing to note about this sword is that it’s not hand-forged. Of course, if it were, it’d be a lot more expensive. Not a big deal, but you should know before purchasing.

If you’re looking for a cavalry sword or are a fan of Napoleanic history, this is a must-have item. If not, it’s merely a pretty darn cool saber.

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