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Cold Steel Two-Handed Great Sword


Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Two-Handed Great Sword Cold Steel manufactures a lot of swords, but here you're looking at its largest: the two-handed great sword.

It's 55 1/2 inches in overall length, with a 39.88-inch blade and a 15.369-inch handle, and it weighs over 6 pounds.

The blade is superior quality, manufactured from 1050 high carbon steel.

Cold Steel didn't skimp out on other quality attributes either, wrapping the wooden handle in premium black leather and finishing off the guard with nickel silver.

This great sword also features a heavy-steel scent stopper pommel, side rings on the guard, and integral parrying hooks.

All in all, this sword will provide everything you're looking to accomplish in your next big battle!

Treat it with care, and it will prove its usefulness to you.

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