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Cold Steel Warrior Functional Katana

Full Tang Japanese Samurai Sword

Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Warrior Functional Katana So, here's Cold Steel's version of an "economy" battle-ready sword.

The Warrior katana is a quality sword, just like you'd expect from Cold Steel. It's very similar to the Imperial series, actually. The blade is made from 1055 spring tempered high carbon steel (one of the toughest steels around) measuring 60-64 on the Rockwell scale.

The handle isn't bad either. Genuine rayskin, black cord, and polished brass menuki complete a basic but authentic image for the Warrior.

Cold Steel emphasizes that they've kept the price down on this sword by skipping the expensive mirror-polishing of the blade. Instead, the sword arrives coated in protective oil, which still gives it a nice shine.

If you are looking for that mirror polish, check out the Imperial series instead. We'll link to that below.

The Warrior sword set also comes with a black lacquered wooden scabbard, as well as a blue velvet sword bag.

So you've got a choice to make... If you desperately want that mirror polishing on your blade and are willing to pay for it, go with the Imperial series. Otherwise, this Warrior may be the right choice.

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