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DMT Knife Sharpener Diamond Whetstone

Coarse Grit 6 Inch W6CP

Posted by JT Hats

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DMT Knife Sharpener Diamond Whetstone DMT's Coarse Grit Diamond Whetstone quickly restores accurate bevels to badly worn blades of tools and knives as well as materials no ordinary whetstone will touch. The diamond impregnated plastic body of the stone is faced with a perforated layer of nickel-coated steel embedded with diamond grit. The combination of plastic islands and diamond matrix quickly hones steel to repair even seriously damaged edges.

The artificial whetstone comes mounted on a wooden base which won't mar countertops and can be used to sharpen kitchen knives as well as tools, hunting knives, and camp axes. This particular grit is designed for fast stock removal -- the 6 by 2 by 3/4-inch stone works wet or dry, but a few drops of water or oil do help to keep the surface free of metal shavings. The finish this coarse stone creates will need refining with finer grades of diamond stone. For the sharpest and most polished edge consider finishing with an extra fine grit synthetic or fine natural stone.

Diamond abrasives cut fast and rough when new. Scattered diamond crystals protruding above the average level of the surface wear away, exposing more of the abrasive and gradually producing finer results. Some reduction in sharpening speed with use is normal, but the stones last for years without losing effectiveness or wearing out of true.

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