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Edge Pro Knife Sharpener Kit 2

Sharpening Stones for Plain Edge Japanese or European Kitchen Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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With the Edge Pro Knife Sharpener, you'll be able to accurately restore edges to any of five different bevel angles and polish those edges to razor sharpness. Set up correctly, the Edge Pro system depends on the machine, not on skill -- but unless you like machines, you'll find the Edge Pro challenging to use.

The Edge Pro mounts to any perfectly flat, non-porous and damp surface with strong suction cup feet. If you don't own that sort of counter-top, Edge Pro recommends you set the sharpening system in a damp glass baking dish and put a damp towel between the dish and the counter. Follow assembly instructions precisely or you may put the device together incorrectly, and watch the DVD the company supplies or you might not instinctively pick up the way the Edge Pro works. The Edge Pro sharpens any plain-edged knife under 3 1/2 inches in width, but doesn't clamp the knife blade in position -- operators hold the knife blade flat against the sharpening table and run a series of guided sharpening stones over the edge. Coarse stones reshape blade edges, and successively finer stones create a sharper and more highly polished edge.

The final results really are very good, and the Edge Pro does precisely restore knives to 10 , 15, 18, 21, and 24 degree bevel angles. Because the Edge Pro depends on synthetic waterstones 8 inches long but only 1/2 an inch wide, you can expect the stones to wear quickly in comparison to wider benchstones. As the stones wear, the accuracy of the bevel the stones grind drops. Replacement stones are available.

One genuine advantage of the Edge Pro system is that it works with virtually any bevel and any hardness of steel, making it usable on high end Japanese knives as well as European cutlery. Once set up and mastered the system takes much less time to restore a knife to best condition, but Edge Pro suggests practicing on 10 to 15 knives before considering yourself expert.

For another fascinating and functional knife sharpening jig, see the Lansky Sharpening System, based on long-lasting diamond hones.

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