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Fantasy Anime Ninja Sword Display, Full Tang w/ Black Scabbard

Secret Agent Machete by True Swords

Posted by JT Hats

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Fantasy Anime Ninja Sword Display, FullSince the Secret Agent Black Fantasy Sword looks somewhat like a machete, owners of this interesting anime weapon are often tempted to use it like one. That it has done a fairly good job of that speaks well of this unusual fantasy sword.

A black cord-wrapped full tang grip and black finish on the heat-treated blade of this 27-inch-long, machete-style short sword give the Secret Agent an anime ninja look. This resembles no genuine ninja sword, though some with a similar appearance have been portrayed in ninja stories. When anime weapons transfer to the real world, the result is often disappointing, but this particular fantasy blade came across with a pleasing amount of strength as well as an interestingly barbaric look. There's a serrated concave section for sawing through real rope and slashing imaginary cables, and a slender dagger point for stabbing. Even without a careful sharpening, this is a dangerous weapon.

First at risk is the black nylon scabbard, which would be practical enough for another blade style -- but not for this pointy sword. The dagger point snags the flexible sheath on entry, a design problem that's sure to quickly create a few new holes. Sling it over your back for convenient carrying and rapid deployment, but unsling it before you slide the blade home again.

Produced by True Swords, the Secret Agent Black Fantasy Full Tang Sword isn't entirely practical, but is better in real terms than most fantasy weapons. If you need a machete, buy a real machete -- this is an eyecatcher built for the wall, and built accidentally better than it should be.

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