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Fencing Sword Rapier, High Carbon Stainless Steel

European Medieval Functional Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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Fencing Sword Rapier, High CarbonThis functional stainless steel Medieval Fencing Sword isn't so much a replica as it is a modern counterpart to the medieval rapier. More angular in design, the handguard resembles the old fencing swords in concept but not in detail.

With strong construction and a secure grip, this modern fencing foil can't match the speed and flexibility of true tempered steel but is good enough for practice and display. Artistically, it lacks much of the fine scrollwork of the swords that inspired it. The 45-inch sword slightly outweighs older versions, but in this type of weapon, extra weight isn't an advantage.

Fencing rapiers date back to the 16th century in Europe, where this refined sword became the chosen weapon of civilians, not soldiers. The light blade served as a self defense and dueling blade. The unsharpened part of the sword's blade, called the ricasso, usually extended just beyond the hand guard. The remainder of the sword was forged with a double edge. In this model, most of the blade is an unsharpened bar of high carbon stainless steel, with the last third ground to a serviceable shape. Many of the old rapiers featured full hand protection with a bell-shaped guard and wrought steel basket grip, but others did follow the more open build of this sword.

Even though no one would mistake this rapier for an antique, it's not a cheap souvenir. The construction is machine-shop quality instead of museum quality. It's an interesting example of what happens when modern processes try to match old world craftsmanship. The result isn't bad, but it's definitely not the same.

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