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Flexcut Wood Carving Knife Multitool

Carvin Jack Includes Scorp, Sweep, Gouge, Chisel

Posted by JT Hats

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Flexcut Wood Carving Knife Multitool Obviously designed by a woodcarver, the Flexcut Carvin Jack packs a basic set of woodcarving knives and gouges into a multi-tool small enough to fit in a belt pouch. If you gave up whittling around the campfire because you couldn't bring your workshop with you, now's your chance to get back to basics again.

Carvers often do begin simply with a chunk of wood and a pocketknife -- but then they get hooked. The only hobby more expensive is fishing. The founder of Flexcut began as a woodcarver but found himself making tools instead, and the Flexcut Carvin Jack could be one of the company's best ideas. Two sizes of scorp blades, a #7 sweep knife, a 3/8 inch #11 gouge, a straight chisel and a slender detail carving knife all fit into the wood-slab handle of this 4-1/4-inch long pocket folder.

All blades do lock securely in the open position. Since carving often involves pushing blades as well as pulling them, that's an essential practical feature. This assortment of blades offers much more than the simple cutting action of a clip point knife blade. For example, the gouges and scorps hollow interior curves -- something nearly impossible to do well with a straight blade.

Flexcut recommends choosing left or right hand models of the Carvin Jack based on whether you prefer a push or a pull cut. Right handers should choose the right-handed model for push strokes, but if you've learned to carve the other way around, the left-handed Carvin Jack will be a better fit for your working style.

The set includes a sharpening strop made to fit the assortment of odd cutting edges in the Carvin Jack, plus a stitched leather belt pouch with snap closure.

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