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Gerber Mini Paraframe Folding Knife Review

Stainless Steel Clip

Posted by Ken

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Gerber Mini Paraframe Folding KnifeA knife with a blade just over 2" really isn't much more than an office tool unless you're MacGyver. Still, I'd rather have any knife than none at all. This mini lockback pocket knife is fine for light work like peeling an orange for lunch or opening the mail--actually there must be dozens of uses for a knife of this size, but nothing very remarkable.

Body and blade are both sturdy stainless steel, but the body has been pared down into an open bridgework style that cuts the weight down to just over an ounce, including the pocket clip. This gives the mini Paraframe a clean look. The plain edge is practical for anything within the reach of this little cutter, but a different version of the knife is available with a serrated edge.

The stainless steel pocket clip also doubles as a money clip if you stretch your imagination a lot. If you have a wad of spare twenties in your pocket I'd suggest you shop for something bigger. MacGyver himself would have problems prying open the elevator doors with this little tool.

The Mini fits well in the desk drawer between the paper clip dispenser and the junior model stapler and is suitable for normal use in that restricted arena of life.

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