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Gerber Torch II Tactical Folding Knife

Stainless Steel Combo Edge Tanto Blade

Posted by Ken

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Gerber Torch II Tactical Folding KnifeIn some ways the Gerber Torch II (4.6" closed length) rivals much more expensive military folders, offering many of the same features like non-reflective coating, tanto blade, and assisted opening. The economy of the Torch II results from cost cutting in places that are not obvious, but which will show up with time and heavy use.

The steel chosen for the 3.5" triple beveled blade is knife quality stainless steel, but only barely--440A is pretty much the bottom of the line and will require frequent maintenance if you need a razor edge. That's less a factor in the easily honed plain edge section of the blade than in the serrated section which may eventually require touching up at the factory.

The tip bevel comes un-sharpened, as does the top bevel--this is to some degree standard procedure with knife makers because of legal issues, but any user will need to do some work on the tip.

Less apparent are the tolerances of the parts that make up the stainless steel and G-10 handle. The action may require some adjustment now and then, and proper cleaning is essential to ensure reliable operation of both the assisted opening feature and the blade lockback. The G-10 handle slabs offer a high quality feel and gripping action associated with high end knives.

The Torch II is a good buy for those who need a lighter duty knife and are willing to spend some extra time on maintenance.

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