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Golden Lion Tai Chi Practice Sword

Chinese Martial Arts | Valiant Armoury

Posted by JT Hats

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Golden Lion Tai Chi Practice Sword Good Tai Chi swords can be tough to find. Many manufacturers think they're nothing but toys or lightweight replicas. Real Tai Chi swords are very refined weapons, and if you don't have the real thing in hand, you have plenty of time to reflect on that as you learn the movements of the form. The Golden Lion Tai Chi sword from Valiant Armoury is a well-balanced Tai Chi sword of high carbon spring steel -- not combat quality, but definitely a good practice sword that gives the feel and the movement of the real item. Silver-plated fittings and a rosewood handle and scabbard make it a fine display piece as well. The Golden Lion will challenge your weak points without forcing you into rapid movements that defeat the purpose of this ancient training.

Valiant Armoury, based in Grapevine, Texas, works with producers overseas to create their designs, and the results are impressive. Obviously they're interested in quality workmanship and didn't hook up with the lowest bidder -- some of the world's best swords still come from Chinese foundries, but the best work usually stays in China.

Thirty-eight-and-a-half inches long overall, with a 30-inch polished blade, the set includes a rosewood scabbard with matching fittings and a well-made storage box. With the Golden Lion in hand, you'll feel like you're learning swordplay instead of playing with a toy sword.

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