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Halo 3 Energy Sword

Limited Edition Covenant Color Replica

Posted by Ken

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Halo 3 Energy Sword Chances are if you got pretty giddy with the release of HALO 3, you'll have the same reaction with this Covenant Titanium Color Energy sword.

It's a replica blade wielded by the Sangheili of the Covenant army, otherwise known as the Covenant Elite. It's a pretty good replica, and it's intended to be a decent quality piece, but remember that it's a replica first and a quality piece second.

The twin blades are factory-sharpened and measure 19.25 inches, making up the majority of the sword's overall length of 27 inches. Each blade is made out of 440 stainless steel and brushed with a titanium plating to give it that iridescent, multi-colored effect.

The handle measures 10 inches wide and is made from custom-molded gray plastic. It fastens to a hardwood display plaque included in the set so that it can be proudly hung in your game room.

Since it's such a new release, as well as a limited edition sword, we're expecting this to be something of a hot commodity for collectors once we get closer to Christmas. So you may want to get your hands on it sooner rather than later.

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