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Hanwei Premium Butterfly Knife Set

Chinese Replica Display Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Premium Butterfly Knife Set One of the most interesting of the old Chinese weapons, butterfly knives originally were carried concealed beneath the robes of monks. Old accounts say that only the tips were sharpened, allowing monks to use the double short swords in self defense without killing their opponents. Original movements designed for the butterfly knives included defensive blocks and attacks to the hands. The efficiency and easy concealment of the butterfly swords quickly brought them into other more violent occupations.

This new Premium Butterfly Knife Set by CAS Hanwei of China uses one piece high carbon steel construction to form blades, tangs, and knuckle guards. For a slightly more comfortable grip, leather windings wrap and cushion the heavy steel tang. An intricate dragon etching decorates both blades. One hardwood scabbard with dragon-motif engraved metal fittings houses both swords. Each blade weighs a full pound, with a weapon length of 16-1/2 inches. For display purposes, Hanwei includes a decorative hardwood wall plaque -- metal hooks hold the crossed swords securely.

Though the look definitely is display quality, the twin tempered blades could function well as fighting swords. The old design is very strong and handles balance the swords well. All that's missing is the skill. Though these swords originated in the Shaolin system, other kung fu styles from southern China like Wing Chun and Hung Gar developed the fighting system for lethal reasons. Twin blade methods are some of the most difficult to learn. Even though many teaching systems are still available, most owners will choose to hang these beautifully crude weapons on the wall, not the belt.

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