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Hanwei Tanto Short Sword, Functional & Battle Ready

CAS Practical Martial Arts Combat

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Tanto Short Sword, Functional &The Hanwei Practical Tanto offers the martial artist a dependable cutting weapon designed with the same functional quality as CAS Hanwei's more traditional swords. Substitutions of modern materials for the traditional components lower the cost of the Practical series.

What's most important hasn't changed: blade quality. The hamon or tempering mark along the edge of this 12-inch tanto is the real thing. The 7-inch cutting edge of this high carbon steel blade is differentially hardened and will provide traditional cutting action. Edge strength is a hard HRC 60, while the Rockwell rating of the blade's spine drops to a tough and resilient HRC 40.

Wherever else CAS Hanwei could save money and still provide practical quality, substitutions for traditional materials and alternate construction methods have been made. The differences are most obvious in the grip. Decorated with a cast metal dogwood blossom, the grip's white covering is rugged synthetic, and there's no woven ito. Nothing but friction and grip strength prevents the hand from slipping forward off the four-inch-long handle. The tanto is light and fast, weighing only 6 ounces and with excellent balance. A black lacquered scabbard is included that matches the old carrying system. The look isn't traditional, but the tanto won't seem out of place next to more conventional items. CAS Hanwei chose design elements which make sense in the old terms.

CAS Hanwei did a good job on the re-design, keeping the important features that make the tanto work properly. Even though it's not a traditional tanto, there's equivalent quality in this modern rebuild.

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