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Heroes Fantasy Sword, Hiro Nakamura Katana

United Cutlery Damascus Steel Collectors Replica, Limited Edition

Posted by JT Hats

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Heroes Fantasy Sword, Hiro NakamuraIn the TV series Heroes, one of the popular characters -- a Japanese executive named Hiro -- borrows a good katana from a museum display when he begins his time-traveling adventures. If you're ever in that situation yourself, and there's a Damascus steel katana like this one on the shelf, try that one first.

While it's still only a replica sword, that's hard to remember when you look at the fine layered pattern of the forged high carbon Damascus steel blade. Tempering isn't of the same high standard as the old combat katana, but the steel in this 42-inch-long katana would draw attention in any century. This limited production piece from United Cutlery shows the same attention to detail that impressed us in their other forged steel reproduction of the Sword of Hiro. Some of the traditional materials used here include genuine rayskin for the handle's wrap, woven leather for the ito grip, and cast brass for the starburst tsuba. All this lends authenticity to the piece. It's a satisfying match for the weapon designed for the TV show.

Included with the full tang sword is a black lacquered wood sheath intended to be slung over the shoulder, not worn at the waist. Buyers also get a wooden display stand and a black cloth pouch for storage. Only 1000 of these swords were made, and each blade is laser-etched with a serial number -- the number is also displayed on the stand. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each sword.

Another good sword for the fans of Hiro is the less expensive but still accurately detailed Hiro of Heroes Replica Katana.

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