Shinwa Noble Series Katana | Fully Functional High Carbon Sword

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Noble Black High Carbon Katana SwordThis is a basic, but fully functional katana. Plain and simple. Shinwa would have you believe it’s something special – They claim that their Noble series swords are above and beyond many others because they aren’t “cheap imitations.” Strong words. But are they true?

Well let’s take a look, shall we? Hmm… the blade seems strong enough. It’s a full-tang blade, made from high carbon steel and forged by hand under extreme heat. Those are first-class characteristics so far.

And there’s nothing fishy about the handle. It’s pretty basic as well, made of a solid hardwood core and wrapped with black cord in classic samurai style. The tsuba is both traditional and edgy with its pewter-colored metal ring, too.

The Noble katana also comes with a lacquered hardwood scabbard, nylon cord wrap, and a velvet sword bag. These are all good, standard features as well… more like expectations, really.

So does Shinwa live up to their strong words on this sword? Yes… and no. Yes, the Noble katana isn’t a cheap imitation sword. It’s made of quality materials and it’s not trying to be something it’s not. But no, there’s nothing about it that jumps out as being exceptional. A good solid Katana at a reasonable price. No more, no less.

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