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Hiro of Heroes Sword

TV Replica Katana | Tempered High Carbon Steel

Posted by Ken

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Hiro of Heroes Sword Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese executive bored with modern life, suddenly develops the ability to travel in time, the audacity to do that, and as a result, the need for a good sword. He finds it on display in a museum.

While I do not recommend time travel, or liberating museum pieces from their current owners, this licensed reproduction of the sword from the Heroes TV series on NBC is a high quality item -- one of the best fantasy reproductions I've seen lately. The 42-inch katana with 28 1/2 inch high carbon hand forged blade is a faithful copy of the actual sword seen in the show. That speaks highly of the weapon, since in a high quality theatrical production the wear and tear on a blade is real. Tinny poor quality blades bend and make actors look stupid.

The attention to detail extends even to the construction of the handle, which is covered in real ray skin and wrapped with real leather. An important feature for collectors is the laser etched serial number, permanent evidence of authenticity. Add real brass ornamentation, a wooden scabbard with shoulder strap, and a display stand and you have everything needed for around-the-house fantasies. If you do develop time travel ability, this would even serve as a dependable starter sword. Fantasy swords are rarely this good. United Cutlery, the manufacturer, is serious enough about its work to make a good fantasy product.

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