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House of Flying Daggers Jin Chinese Broad Sword

Movie Replica Review

Posted by Ken

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House of Flying Daggers Jin ChineseChances are if you liked the colorful cinematography, elaborate costume design, and intricate fight choreography from "House of Flying Daggers", you'll find a lot of those same qualities in this replica sword wielded by Jin in the movie.

The Jin sword measures 41.5 inches in overall length. Its blade features a broadsword width of 2.25 inches, and is made from solid carbon steel. Plus, the identical artwork that was displayed on Jin's sword in the movie is etched into this replica as well.

This same design pattern makes its way onto the sword's tsuba, pommel, scabbard tip and koiguchi (opening). All metal pieces are made from cast steel and textured with an ancient, traditionally rustic finish.

The handle is made from genuine hardwood and is painted black. Two groove spacers on the handle act as a handhold guide, and help with the overall grip of the sword.

Jin's saya (scabbard) is also made from polished, blackened hardwood. It's covered in leather, and comes with black cord attached to steel fittings for secure closure as well as transportation.

While it may not be necessarily battle-ready, the sword does arrive factory sharpened, so that'll at least look decent if you decide to display it sans scabbard. And be forewarned: even though a few pictures show a wooden stand, the stand is sold separately and does not come with the set.

So while Jin's sword might not give you the power to leap over rooftops and scale the trees, it'll still help you to recall the film's vivid imagery and artistry whenever you see it.

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