Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu | Bleach Anime Replica Sword

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Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu This is a distinctive Bleach anime sword, labeled as the Tensa Zangetsu. You’ll also find it listed as a Zanpakuto on other sites.

The edge of the Zangetsu blade is trimmed with 40 inches of 440 stainless steel, giving the entire blade a two-toned black-and-gray effect. And the entire sword measures a whopping 52 inches.

If only the handle and sheath were true to the original sword… however, the replica model gives fans the next best thing to the real deal. Ichigo’s original sword had a very unique sheath deployment system. The handle was wrapped in cloth that unwound every time the sword was to be used. In order to increase cost-effectiveness, we’re guessing the lengthy cloth wrapper was swapped for a partial leather sheath, cross-cut to look like the real thing.

This Zangetsu might be fun to wield for practice, or to carry across your back as a part of a costume set. But by no means is this a functional sword. It’s meant for display purposes only.

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