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Indian War Club by Cold Steel

American History Weapon Replica, Special Projects Polypropylene

Posted by JT Hats

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Indian War Club by Cold Steel The Cold Steel Special Projects Indian War Club uses solid polypropylene to reproduce one of the most effective weapons on the American frontier. Similar war clubs caused mayhem on the battlefields of North and South America long before iron and steel trade axes took over the local market. Cold Steel's president, Lynn Thompson, took an interest in the war club after watching "Last of the Mohicans" and partnered with custom weapon smith Rich McDonald to make this impressive martial club available in an improved modern design.

Traditional ball-headed war clubs depended on natural root burls and unusual limb shapes for their durable form. Built like the Irish shillelagh, the continuous wood grain and the lethal wood ball of this American club delivered an irresistible smashing blow. American hardwoods like hornbeam yielded the stock for these clubs, but for modern production, Cold Steel found polypropylene more consistent in quality and more readily available. The Cold Steel version of the ball-headed club does include a wood-grain texture and with some added artwork takes on the look of more traditional designs.

In other days, warriors studded the working end of this heavy club with a bit of antler or stone to increase and focus the impact damage. Cold Steel includes a fitted peg of high carbon steel, but owners can remove it for practice swings on targets. The two-foot club weighs a hefty 27.6 ounces with a ball diameter of 3-1/4 inches. Cold Steel claims their version of this ancient weapon won't rot, crack, warp, splinter, swell, shrink, mildew, or fade in color.

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